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Order a Snap Chat filter to capture custom memories! Use on Snap Chat, save to device, and upload across all apps (IG, FB, TWitter, etc)


You can order for the day (up to 24hrs), the month, or the year.



*Must include FULL address of location. 

 -It cannot be a general area. ex) 19449 W. McNichols Rd. Detroit, MI 48219

*Must include the date(s) needed for and the time frame. 

 -ex) April 11, 2021 3pm - 11pm

*Email images/logos if any (photos will be filtered to pass approval from Snap)

*Include verbiage or images wanted & color preference

- no @ symbols, no illegal content, no curse words. (Snap chat will not approve filter)

* You will be sent a proof of design before image is submitted to snapchat. Once approved or disapproved, you will receive an email. If it is disapproved, your image will need to be altered.

*Once approved, we are NOT responsible if the filter does not show up for all persons at selected location. (This can happend based on location, service provider, and connection. Some bulit in Snap Chat filters don't show up for everyone. 1 person may see different options from another; this is no different.) As mentioned above, it is best to connect to wifi and be in a good service area.


SnapChat Filter

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